Tips On How To Help Someone With Postnatal Depression

  • Join them in their appointments and pregnancy related classes – in an ideal world, both new parents will have the time and the ability to go for all appointments and pregnancy related classes together; as a team. However, we live in a world far from ideal. If your soon-to-be mama mentions having to go for said appointments by herself, offer to tag along as support. Trust us, this will be much appreciated. Though it is a fairly new “thought” to most people, postnatal depression has been around a long long time. More likely, is has not been properly recognized/diagnosed or taken seriously. However, the modern times prove this wrong. If you know someone facing postnatal depression, or have your suspicions, then here’s how you can help them.  
  • Urge them to seek professional help – the thing with most first time mothers is that they wouldn’t even know if they are actually dealing with postnatal depression. If you recognize the signs, urge them to seek professional counselling. Stress that this is a very normal condition that most new mothers go through; and that it does not make them weak in any way. At the very least, as them to speak to their reliable gynecologist in this regard, and get their advice.
    • Help out a little with taking care of the baby – most gynos or Sydney Chinese speaking obstetrician are much too busy with handling the after care of a pregnancy. More often than not, they’d simply prescribe an anti-depressant and be done with it. However, it takes more than a few medications to help someone through this depression. As taking care of a newborn is indeed exhausting, and this exhaustion can lead to depression, help your new mama with taking care of her baby. Even looking after them for a few hours and allowing them to get a nap or a hot bath will be more helpful than you think.
    • Encourage them to take care of themselves – newborns are indeed helpless and require a lot of attention. Unfortunately, this makes new mothers neglect taking care of themselves, which can only worsen their depression. Encourage them to dress well, even in the days they are doing nothing. Get them bath products, or better fitting clothes. Set an appointment with a hairdresser or massage place. Pamper them as they richly deserve.
    • Get them out of the house, and into the sunshine – being cooped in at home is bad for mental heath; and this is regardless to who you are. If your new mom spends way too much time alone at home, this too can make them have a hard time to deal with their depression. Give them reasons to get out of the house. And if possible, set an appointment with the sun!
    • Help them become more social – who has the time for friends? would probably be their response if you suggest this. However, humans are social creature and need interactions with friends and family to get over their depression. So even if they really don’t feel like it, encourage them to call their friends are family. If possible, arrange for said friends to come over for a visit.
    • Give them the freedom to voice their thoughts without judgment – most people dealing with postnatal depression are not exactly proud of what they are feeling. Self harming thoughts or thoughts on hurting their baby is scary enough, that they might fear voicing it out. But sometimes, talking about your feelings can be all you need. Provide a solid shoulder for them to cry on, and ears that won’t judge. Simply listening to them can be one of the best ways to help them deal with this depression…